Video: SuperYacht Times - How it started

Written by SuperYacht Times

This video, which tells the story of how SuperYacht Times was established, is the first in a series of weekly videos which address superyacht industry topics, such as the demographic of superyacht owners and the current market boom. 

This week, our founder Merijn de Waard tells the origin story of SuperYacht Times, beginning with his introduction to the industry and how his passion for superyachts was forged from the young age of 10. In 2004, Merijn sold his first superyacht image to a yachting magazine, kickstarting what was to become the precursor to SuperYacht Times

SuperYacht Times as we know it today was launched in 2007, initially supplying the industry with the first site for daily news, yachting photography and a full database of all of the yachts on the water. What is more, it was and still is, free.  

Today, SuperYacht Times has evolved into more than a media company. Though it is still the motivation of the business to provide the most up to date superyacht news, first, it now also has the most advanced superyacht market intelligence system, a unparalleled superyacht infotainment system and creates unique online experiences in 3D.

To find out more about how SuperYacht Times was founded and how it got to where it is today, check out the latest video and tune in next week for more! 



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