Unparalleled entertainment: The Vast 72m superyacht concept

Written by Francesca Webster

Ocean Independence and design consultants Castlemain Yachts have released the designs for a 72-metre concept superyacht Vast. Designed by yacht designer Christopher Seymour with interior design by Theodoros Fotiadis. This modern looking superyacht has an inverted bow and a unique sheer-line.Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour exterior designHer profile has geometric lines and an extensive use of glass throughout, with a distinctive drop of her bulwarks in the central and widest section of the vessel. Carl Esch of Castelmain Yachts who is managing the design, commented, "We conceived the initial design for Vast 72m together with our design partner Christopher Seymour, with a clear vision of what we wanted to create, a sharp, modern and unique looking superyacht inside and out."

The design has a real focus on entertainment and on the outdoor environment, with walk-through entertainment areas on the stern and beach club area that overlaps onto the main deck living areas and up to the foredeck area. 

Aside from her standout exterior design, the Vast 72m has some exceptional interior design elements which truly make her a unique yacht. One of these is the full-beam social and dining area situated amidships of the main deck, which acts as a central foyer for the superyacht’s guests. This expansive area is extended by hydraulic platforms on either side which open the space up to the open air and flood the area with light. Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour interior designThis contemporary space is dedicated to entertainment, with a large dining table to starboard and a lounge area to port. Just off centre is a spiral staircase with a central glass elevator. From here, light pours through the staircase from a skylight two decks above, again filling this space, which is decorated with cream and metallic surfaces, with light.Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour interior designOn her interior Esch added, "The interior was created by Theodoros Fotiadis, we chose Theodoros because he has a very unique approach, a unique yacht like Vast 72m deserves a very special interior.

 Theodoros comments on the interior design, "It has an Art Deco character that is refreshed by modern notes coming from fabrics, art and decorative furniture design. The walls provide a flat, clean form and the inserted gypsum-art Flamingos, as well as the circles in the ceilings, add a nice character of warmth and heritage. This combines with a feeling of air and light flooding in via the large side windows, obviously even more when the folding balconies open up. An interior that not only is beautiful but speaks for its space, offering a nice refreshing feeling all wrapped up in a serious and robust Art deco style. Balanced, exceptional and something new, a design that we can’t categorise as strictly art deco or modern"

From the staircase guests can access all four of her decks, while her crew have their own discrete entrance ways and stairwells. To the fore of this central space is the full-beam owners suite, as well as a smaller guest cabin designed for children. The additional four guest staterooms are situated on the lower deck, each with an en suite bathroom and with direct access to the stern beach club.Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour interior designThe main al fresco dining table is situated on the upper deck, while the top deck is home to an array of lounging options, in addition to the gym, massage room and a large pool. This is one of three pools onboard the Vast 72m, with others located at the aft beach deck and to the fore of the bridge deck.Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour exterior designIn addition to these standout features, Vast 72m carries an array of tenders and toys, including a submarine stored in her bow; she also has a touch-and-go helipad on the foredeck. Vast 72m has been designed with an efficient low-profile design and her inverted bow is intended to further improve her efficiency through the water. Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour exterior design Esch further commented, "Christopher has really created at outstanding and stunning exterior design for Vast 72m, maintaining very sharp and sleek lines whereby still allowing to address all the key features we had in mind at the start of this project, in our opinion a real unique and beautiful looking superyacht."

Vast 72m yacht concept by Christopher Seymour general arrangement


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