Superyachts allowed to cruise New Zealand’s Fiordland pilot-free

For the first time in history, it is now possible to undertake a training course to gain a Pilot Exemption Certificate when cruising in New Zealand’s Fiordland. Developed in association with Southland’s Regional Maritime division, this exemption to pilotage laws is set to boost superyacht cruising in the country and is available to superyachts via Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand (APSNZ).

Managing Director of APSNZ, Duthie Lidgard, comments on the development, stating, “The necessity for a pilot to be onboard whilst cruising Fiordland was always one of the main stumbling blocks for our superyacht clients considering cruising the region. The South Island, and particularly the Fiordland region, is an amazing place to cruise and we wanted to help open the area up and make it a viable destination that every visiting superyacht could realistically consider.”

Applicable for both Fiordland pilotage areas and Stewart Island pilot areas, an application for a pilotage exemption certificate will be considered only for the following classes of ships under this training programme:

- Class 3 Ships up to 1,000GT
- Class 2 Ships 1,001 GT to 2,000 GT
- Class 1 Ships 2001 to 6,000GT

Requirements and documentation for the programme will need to be submitted via a superyacht agent well in advance of the yacht’s arrival in New Zealand, and Asia Pacific Superyachts welcomes all inquiries. Duthie Lidgard will also be present at the Monaco Yacht Show to answer any questions about cruising, chartering and luxury tourism within New Zealand.

By Gemma Fottles



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