Superyachts go to MIPTV

A new TV show, 'A Look at Luxury' is going to MIPTV and MIPDOC in Cannes, and features international TV presenter Anolan Dragistch who is presently in China working for E! Entertainment. The three, one hours episodes are being distributed through Canamedia and Espresso TV at MIPTV and MIPDOC, the world’s largest TV market in Cannes from the 11th - 16th April.

The show’s creators Up the Monkey Media, say that the show created itself, “Having met with so many gifted, extraordinary and inspiring people working behind the scenes in the world of luxury we felt that we had the opportunity to inspire all types of people from all walks of life with these stories of passion, risk and revolutionary ideas."

Richard Gold Media who are known for their work in the yachting world also took their experience of filming for property and travel & tourism to make the shows a variety of yachts, hotels, bespoke goods and even lingerie. The difference from most shows that feature luxury is that these shows focus on the craftsmanship rather than the owners. With a well-connected production team there is promise of more shows with an even wider scale. “We simply want to show the best that is either being produced or has been produced, such as Wider yachts new battery powered engine system or the longest sailing yacht in production. When audiences see the enormous amount or work that goes into every part of a deign or build all envy turns to amazement” says producer director Richard Gold. “I am by no means the smartest guy on the planet so bridging the gap between the superyacht industry and a global audience is something that I have learnt along the way. I am still amazed by the leaps in technology that yacht builders are attempting daily and how these will improve yachting and sailing for everyone in the future”.

To give you a better idea of the show, Superyacht Times has been given an exclusive clip of the show that has not been released to anyone before today and features the Baccarat award winning SY The Maltese Falcon.

By Maarten Janssen



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