SYBAss’ consultative status extended at IMO

The Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) has been granted an extension in their consultative capacity at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). SYBAss will therefore continue its role as representative of the superyacht industry to the IMO following the Organisation’s biennial review of each consultative NGO’s performance.

“We are delighted that we have had our permanent consultative status confirmed after the first official review,” says SYBAss secretary general Theo Hooning. “This will help ensure that the superyacht industry continues to be represented in a professional way at the highest maritime regulatory body and be acknowledged as a unique sector. It also reinforces the role of SYBAss in protecting the superyacht sector from regulations that might jeopardise the industry. We will continue to uphold the interests of the many thousands of people who work on the design, construction and operation of large yachts.”

Since achieving permanent status to the Organisation in 2013, SYBAss has achieved in tailoring international shipping regulations to be more appropriate for superyachts. One such example is the recent delay in the implementation of the new NOx Tier III requirements for yachts over 24 metres and below 500GT. This delay was established in order for the industry to devise more suitable technical solutions that can be installed in these yachts to adhere to the required emission levels set by the Organisation.

SYBAss has also supplied information to key publications from superyacht media and seminar presentations to keep the industry informed and to raise awareness of regulations such as the Ship Recycling Convention, Ballast Water Management Convention, CO2 and NOx emission requirements and the Polar Code.

By Charl van Rooy



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