SYT's Riejannke leaves company to become superyacht stewardess

Just over a year after joining our team, our sales manager Riejanneke Niesert has decided to embark on a new adventure, and will be pursuing a new career as a superyacht stewardess. Riejanneke joined our team after having successfully finished her degree in Management, Economics and Law in The Netherlands.

After finishing her college degree, and gaining work experience in the food and entertainment industry, Riejanneke joined the yacht industry.

"I really enjoyed working in the Amsterdam office of SuperYachtTimes. There is a great 'can-do' mentality, and I have learned so much about this industry. However, I believe the time has come to spread my wings, and embark on a new adventure. I find the idea of working closely with a small team on board a yacht, delivering the highest quality of service in the world, super exciting. I know from friends who work on board yachts, that it's a tough job, but one that is highly rewarding".

"At the end of the month, I'll be in the UK, getting my STWC, through Warsash Superyacht Academy. After that I'm hoping to find a great yacht to work on. I'm ready to move anywhere in the world, and I can't wait to get started!" would like to thank Riejanneke for her hard work, putting up with our sense of humour, and her wonderful personality! Riejanneke, you will be missed!

Captains, Owners and crew looking for a new stewardess, please drop Riejanneke a line at [email protected]

By Maarten Janssen



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