SYT visits the Wider shipyard

Two weeks ago SuperYachtTimes’ Maarten Janssen was invited to the Wider Shipyard facilities in Italy, and was introduced to the Wider 150' project which is currently under construction with the yard working on the hull of the boat.

The shipyard was established in 2010, in which the Italian company introduced their very first project, the 12.80 metre express cruiser, Wider 42. Today, composite yachts are built in a 10,000m2 structure in Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio which assembles the parts produced by top specialists in the sector, whilst the production of aluminium superyachts takes place at the 2500m2 facility in Ancona. The site was carefully chosen in order to use the skills of those builders in the area which specialise in processing aluminium.

The 46 metre Wider 150' is being constructed in the Ancona facility, with the construction of the aluminum hull to be completed soon. This ambitious project focuses on the use of a diesel/electric propulsion system, provided by Emerson Industrial Automation. This hybrid system guarantees hugely reduced fuel consumption and nearly unprecedented range, making it possible to replace the traditional Engine Room with a Power Generator Room and to relocate the engine room to the bow of the yacht, a first in our industry.

The entirely aluminium construction of the Wider 150' makes it possible to increase the performance/consumption ratio of the yacht and achieve a considerable reduction in emissions. Aluminum also provides greater freedom during construction as it increases the opportunity to customise, yet considerably shortens production times. This material is not just lightweight, it is resistant and flexible, versatile, supple yet sturdy and results in a safer yacht.

A brand new Wider 32’ tender will be housed in the transom garage. The yacht features a floating launching system for carrying out entry/exit maneuvers with the floating tender. The space that is freed up after the tender’s launch can be 'magically' transformed into a seawater swimming pool surrounded by the Wider Beach by the opening of two side wings and lowering the platform.

A yacht with extraordinary proportions and innovative features, Wider 150' combines luxury accommodations with highly innovative solutions to offer excellence and refinement onboard a highly technological, cutting-edge naval platform. She is planned for completion mid 2015.

At another location in Ancona, work has also begun on Wider 165', which is inspired by the design of Wider 150'. It hosts a unique submersible bay and the super yacht is equipped with a submersible for thrilling underwater excursions. Wider President & CEO Tilli Antonelli comments, “originally, the owner planned to order a Wider 150', but his desire to house a unique tender onboard necessitated a larger project. We didn’t want to compromise on space, so we decided to build him a bigger boat, and that’s why Wider 165' came up.

By Gemma Fottles, photos by Maarten Janssen



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