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Alastair Callender, of Callender Designs, has developed a radical 58m, rigid-wing superyacht concept, which will be powered from wind, solar and Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) technology from Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd.

Initially aimed at an owner of an eco-friendly stance, with a non-sailing background, Soliloquy shall push the boundaries of yacht design convention as we know it today, and points to the future of clean, luxury yachting.

This pioneering and highly efficient motor-sailor will offer numerous advantages, which will widen her appeal to more potential investors - not least thanks to being powered quietly by renewable and hybrid-electric energy. In turn this will bring zero-emission capabilities, and result in significant savings in fuel cost.

Soliloquy’s rigid-wing rig, and architecturally dynamic form, will be a unique sight to all mariners.

Video 1 - Soliloquy Turntable

A design brief was reached to ensure that renewable energies, along with eco-friendly materials and construction techniques, would confirm that this superyacht will become one of the Greenest of luxury yachts. This will comply with, and aims to excel in various industry requirements, including the new Green Star Plus certification from RINA in Italy.

The innovative overhead beam, sweeping forward to the bow, not only brings structural advantages, along with exciting and refreshing visual aesthetics, but has been specifically designed to house three automated and pivotally mounted, rigid-wing solarsails.

Efficient sailing propulsion is possible due to the patented technology and automation of Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd’s solarsail pivot. This technology has received a development grant from the US Navy for unmanned ocean vehicles and is currently used on a series of ferries.

This will allow Soliloquy’s three solarsails to independently rotate through 360 degrees, and be coupled with the optimized rigid-wing design to add propulsion efficiency.

When asked about the project’s holistic design approach, Callender commented:

“In this ever-increasing environmentally conscious time, I wanted to focus my attention on looking at possible solutions to some of the current issues associated with the superyacht industry. Eco-luxury should no longer be viewed as an oxymoron. ‘Soliloquy – the Super-Green Superyacht’ is a true metaphor to show that this ideal is viable. Every opportunity to be environmentally responsible has been ensured.

Soliloquy brings all the luxury one would expect of a superyacht, without the noise, vibration, fuel costs and vast pollution levels of a motor yacht, nor the crew manning levels needed of a cloth-sailed rig. Proven state-of–the-art patented technology by Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd. has brought this personal dream one step closer to reality.”

The hull’s highly efficient length-to-beam ratio has enabled a relatively low power requirement to reach competitive cruising speeds under sail and/or electric motor.

Soliloquy’s additional innovations include an ‘ever-evolving’ superstructure which will create a truly unique visual display to all onlookers.

This will also offer up to 12 guests an unrivalled and adaptable inside/outside socializing area – featuring alfresco living space on the main deck.

The superstructure has been enhanced by its efficient Photovoltaic surfacing. Once all the adaptable blinds have evolved out of the overhead beam, a total of over 600 square metres of coverage will be revealed. Additionally each solarsail can be angled to the sun, to optimise solar collection when becalmed.

Video 2: Soliloquy's Ever-Evolving Superstructure

The HMP system will allow for all renewable solar energy to be stored in the yacht’s batteries, which in turn can quietly power the onboard electrics, without the need or noise of a generator. Accumulating solar energy for 12 hours allows Soliloquy to travel at 8 knots.

The increased level of privacy for its 12 guests will be possible due to the novel touch-button control system of the rig, resulting in less crew.

The generous interior, has carefully selected renewable materials, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint.

Soliloquy’s eco-luxury design ethos, and cold-moulded construction technique, using wood from sustainably managed forests, will contribute to her understated opulence.

This design will act as a soliloquy for its owner’s innermost hopes and desires: to express to the world the potential for a greener future in luxury yachting ~ through harnessing the power of nature.

Callender’s vision to develop a rigid-wing, cutting-edge superyacht design is an exciting proposition.

The result is an elegant line, with a harmonious balance of form – that will support a synergy to create a uniquely sculptured, architectural and visually dynamic aesthetic, with state-of-the-art ‘Green’ technology.

Soliloquy’s innovative design solution will be presented in full by her designer, Alastair Callender, at the 4th Annual Future of Superyachts Conference, taking place on 22nd and 23rd June 2009, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Having gained experience working within three UK yacht design studios to date, Alastair is soon to become a graduate in Boat Design with BA Honours, from Coventry University, England.

Alastair’s work of this innovative registered design, with renderings created using Hypershot software, will be show-cased at Coventry University, from 30th May to 4th June 2009. This will include an exquisite 1:48 scaled model, constructed through the sponsorship of Visioneering Ltd.

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