SYX Special: The Italian design studio Hot Lab

Innovative and proudly Italian, we sat down with the design studio Hot Lab to get a view of their unique design processes and to find out what the future of yacht design has in store, from the very studio leading the design direction.

It was in 2004 when the Italian design trio of Michele Dragoni, Enrico Lumini and Antonio Romano set up shop in Milan to create Hot Lab Yacht & Design studio, after working together at a small product design studio based in the same city. '"We met at this design studio and started talking about boats. One day we decided to go to the Genoa boat show, just to have a look. After returning from Genoa we wrote our first proposal on designing a boat."

Before any designs could be penned however, a name for the newly established studio had to be decided, a process which they approached with the same frame of mind as the creation of their designs. "As Italians, we think of ourselves as being creative, which is the 'Hot' part of the name and also technical, a certain way in which our work is done; and that is the 'Lab' bit. Together we came up with Hot Lab."

From starting as three designers, the studio now employs six people and occasionally appoints freelance personnel from various parts of the world.

When asked about their style and what sets Hot Lab apart, the answer comes without delay. "We follow our clients' wishes, trying to make something completely tailor made to their needs and their style. All the way from the linen that goes onto the beds and the cutlery, we follow our clients in every part of the project, this is how we work."

Read the full article in the current issue of Superyacht Experience, which you can download for free here.

Hot Lab
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