Talking with Nigel Beatty about superyachts cruising in Japan

At the Singapore Yacht Show, SYT just met up with Captain Nigel Beatty, who is the president of SuperYacht Logistics. The company is based in different areas around the world, such as the UK, The United States, as well as Japan.

In Japan we work with a lot of large superyachts cruising the region”, says Nigel. “And when they come into the Asian region from Alaska they often stop in Japan and cruise through Japan and carry on then into the region. And then other yachts from the south come up in Japan and cruise there during the summer time. So we have got two office in Japan, one in Yokohama and one in Osaka and from those offices we administer five other regional season offices around Japan, to look after any yachts coming in".

Talking about the increase in the number of yachts cruising in Japan, Nigel continues: “Since 2005 to 2010 we saw a steady increase every year of the yachts cruising in Japan and we also saw an increase of the yachts entering Asia. Japan is the northern gateway for Asia for the yachts coming over from Alaska, so we see a steady increase. The only blip on the radar was obviously the tsunami in 2011. We had about 12 yachts put up to cruise in Japan, but 10 of them cancelled simply because of the tsunami, which is a shame really because it was quite a long way away from the main cruising grounds in Japan. But 2012 was good with a lot of yachts coming back to Japan".

Held at ONE15°Marina Club on 16 – 17 April, the much-anticipated 5th Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference was hailed a resounding success and the best to date. We asked Nigel, one of the speakers, about his experience with the conference.

The Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference has been extremely beneficial, we did the conference before the show, where I did a presentation on Japan. The whole conference, all the different speakers and the networking of the conference was absolutely phenomenal. I am not sure I was expecting to come to the conference, but I was blown away how beneficial it is and I am definitely coming back next year".

And then the show afterwards has been excellent, absolutely excellent. I mean I have met many captains here, who we have been able to talk to about cruising in Japan and the whole thing is about giving those captains the confidence to be able to cruise these areas for their charter guests and their owners. So I have been able to sit down and talk with them and explain Japan. With the other agents explaining other parts of the Asian region it has been very very beneficial for opening up the region, explaining for captains where they can go".

The show is exceptional, it is not as big as the Monaco Yacht Show or the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, but it is a high quality show. There is a lot of quality here and that’s what counts".

SuperYacht Logistics
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