Talking with Vripack on the first Solar1 race day

’’I think today we prove that solar boat racing is absolutely big fun’’, Marnix Hoekstra says with a huge smile on his face, when we ask him how his day went. I sat down with Marnix after the first day of racing at the Solar1 Cup, at the brand new yacht club in Monaco.

’’It started 6 years ago with the first race in Holland. We have used our knowledge of those 6 years to design our V20, which is an offshore one-design solar boat racer. We did this boat to make it more attractive for the public and more easy to participate because if you would like to participate in the solar boat race and you have to develop your own boat that’s a lot of work, and a lot of knowledge required. So there’s a big threshold to be able to participate, so we said we have to make it easier’’.

Looking at his competition this week, one team impressed Marnix a lot. ’’Team Beluga, powered by Synergy. They are a professional team in all aspects. I think they were half or 3 quarter of a lap in front of the other ones. They have something special probably. Although it also helps that the are true sailors, you can tell by the way they ride the waves. You see them go left, and go right, where all other teams went only straight’’

On saturday, the race will be a slalom race, which will allow teams to show off their maneuverability combined with speed. The final race will be a dropout drag race. ’’Now that, that will be cool’’, Marnix predicts with a big smile.


By Merijn de Waard



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