Tamsen Yachts buys SMG Werft in Rostock

The Hamburg businessman Heiner Tamsen takes over the insolvent SMG Werft and leads the shipyard from Rostock in North East Germany, together with the present employees, into a new era for shipbuilding and services. The well equipped shipyard will be a guarantor in the future for highly innovative ship building and will provide solutions to future technological maritime innovations at the location in Rostock.

Contrary to the general perception that the maritime sector in Germany is experiencing a rough patch due to the economic crisis, the entrepreneur Heiner Tamsen once again has proven his anticyclical decisions. The remarkable sales success of the Tamsen Yachts and the realisation as an entrepreneur that the maritime industry is faced by great challenges in the 21st century, reinforced Tamsen’s decision to push ahead with the shipyard for production, research, development and technologies. He considers the shipyard in Rostock, with the present technical equipment and the vast potential of the employees, as a guarantor for the future of maritime technologies “Made in Germany”.

Three years ago the entrepreneur started with his own product – the Tamsen 41M – and has since then celebrated great successes worldwide and has confirmed in his belief that innovative products can defy any economic crisis.

The order books for the Tamsen Yacht 41 M are filled for years to come, new technological challenges for larger yachts and technical solutions for specialty ships lie ahead. It is therefore only consistent to acquire one of the most efficient shipyards for yacht building in Europe, to continue its operations and to provide new services.

It is the vision of Heiner Tamsen that Tamsen Maritim will push ahead with propulsion, processing and composite technologies to ensure that yacht building, conversions and refits in Germany will prove to be more than state-of-the-art. Together with renowned institutions, interdisciplinary developments will be pushed ahead.

Tamsen is planning to develop a new series of superyachts, among other the Tamsen Yachts, at the new location in Rostock.

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