Tatoosh under refit in Trieste

Trieste is attracting more and more mega-yachts from all over the world, thanks to its natural beauty and central location in Europe, besides the various targeted offers, including logistics and refitting services of the highest level.

So even Tatoosh, the famous 93 meter yacht built by the German shipyard Nobiskrug arrived in Trieste at the dock of Quaiat Yard.

"The ship will stay here for a couple of weeks" – explains Marino Quaiat , owner of Quaiat Yard and president of TRS, Trieste Refitting System - "to carry out some works of carpentry, joinery, upholstery, internal cleaning, supplies."

The project will be managed by TRS , the brand new yachting hub created in March 2013 by five companies of Trieste specialized in refitting of super and mega yachts - Quaiat Yard , Meccano Engineering , Cergol Engineering , Ocean Team and Zinelli & Perizzi - who wanted to consolidate in this way a partnership that has been going on for some years.

With the important contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste , through Aries , and the Institute for Foreign Trade , the five companies aim with the network to enhance their skills at an international level, offering their know-how on vessels over 40 meters. "An important competitive advantage of our network" - continues Quaiat - "is to own - thanks one of the five member companies - a dry dock in the port of Trieste with the capacity to accommodate mega yachts up to 140 meters, that means the size of a ship."

"The reason why we decided to give the legal personality to TRS, with the assignment of a VAT number and the consequent need of a single management and governance," - concludes Quaiat - "is that we aim to be a subject that is identifiable by stakeholders of high caliber at international level as the owners of large boats usually are, just as Tatoosh".

TRS – Triesre Refitting System
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