Tax-changes for yachts visiting Washington state

A new marine tourism bill recently came into effect in the state of Washington, USA whereby taxes for non-resident vessels visiting the area have been reduced. The new law allows non-resident entity-owned yachts to stay in the Washington state for up to 180 days in any 365-day period without being required to pay annual registration fees or once-off taxes as charged before.

The Westport 164 Evviva (now Honey) in Port Townsend, Washington

According to these charges on occasion amounted up to 10 percent of the vesselโ€™s value. Now, yachts ranging between 30 and 164 feet will be exempt from such duties. Local enterprises and politicians have welcomed these new terms in the hope that it would encourage more yachts to visit the picturesque cruising grounds that the area has to offer.

By Charl van Rooy, photo by Barry Goffe



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