Team Italia to equip 22 superyachts in 2015

Team Italia tells us that in 2015, 22 superyachts over 35 metres in length, are going to be integrated with their unique I-Bridge technology.

Some of the new yacht that will be equipped with the system are:

- Benetti FB255 MY Formosa (which will integrate I-Bridge and I-Chart solutions)
- Wider 150.01 Genesi
- Perini C2227 SY Sybaris
- Sanlorenzo 119.46 Scorpion
- Sanlorenzo 112.45
- Dreamline 34
- Palumbo C005

TEAM Italia has several offices in Italy, located both on the Adriatic and Mediterranean coasts and is able to supply devices and provide solutions for all navigation, steering, communications, monitoring and I-Bridge systems.



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