Telemar Italy awarded exclusive distribution deal with Net-Logic

Net Logic and Compagnia Generale Telemar have signed a distribution agreement, which covers the entire Telemar network including Telemar Yachting Americas, who pioneers the yachting market distributing this technology Stateside. Telemar has also been granted exclusivity across the whole of Italy.

The success of this new partnership between Net Logic and Telemar is based on the same vision and values as Telemar have demonstrated over the decades; to look for the needs in the shipping industry and transform them into opportunities for both its clients and Telemar.

The Telemar Group is at the very forefront of expertise in understanding and serving the shipping industry, both in the commercial and mega yacht arenas. The worldwide subsidiaries and the technical network they have built up, allows Telemar to operate an integrated model that globally covers design, purchase, installation of communication and navigation equipment and complete service solutions such as airtime, radio surveys, electronic chart updates, satellite TV subscriptions and other ship’s electronics maintenance solutions.

This new agreement with Net Logic adds a revolutionary string to the Telemar bow in that Net Logic produces the only wireless BNWAS in the World, and has been specifically designed with speed, aesthetics and ease of installation and maintenance in mind.

Andy Gifford, CEO of Telemar’s Yachting Division states: “Net-Logic’s products are an extremely reliable solution and straightforward to install and maintain on new build as well as refit projects, and also fits directly into our Service Box package of service solutions”.

Jack Robinson is the representative of Net Logic, through Chilliwater Ltd’s brand empowerment business, who brokered the agreement with Telemar. Jack is pleased to announce that since the release of LY3, and the clarification that by the first survey post July 2014, all vessels over 150gt must have a BNWAS installed, the market uptake has grown rapidly. Jack states:

"Since the launch of LY3 and the confirmation that the BNWAS is compulsory for all yachts over 150gt we have seen an upsurge in installations. I have been assisting on demos for the some of the industries best known yachts and new distributors have been re-ordering supplies within a few weeks of the first order. It has become clear that the Watchkeeper + offers exactly what the market is asking for in both price; ease of installation and aesthetically pleasing, making it for consumer driven companies such as Telemar".

Net-Logic has a company ethos based on creating innovative, well designed, well-engineered products that simplify the system design process and are quick and easy to install. Its WatchKeeper+ system is a perfect example of this ethos in action, both protecting the crew in its operation and minimizing the installation headaches for the customer.

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