Ten years of success for Van der Velden’s Yachting division

It is now a full decade since Van der Velden Systeemtechniek joined Van der Velden Marine Systems and formed the group’s dedicated Yachting division. Located in Drachten (NL), the past ten years have seen Van der Velden become a major supplier of manoeuvring equipment to the yachting industry.

One of the key products is the popular BARKE® rudder, which ensures excellent manoeuvrability and course keeping qualities. An innovative and sophisticated high-lift design results in minimal wear on the linkage and reduces noise and vibration. These benefits are keenly appreciated in the superyacht world, and luxury yachts to install the BARKE® rudder in recent times include Lürssen’s Sunflower, Feadship’s Utopia, Callisto and Anna, Burger Boat’s Sycara and Moonen’s Amphitrite.

Van der Velden Marine Systems also sees increasing interest in its ATLANTIC rudder, a no-nonsense, ultra-reliable conventional rudder with excellent course-keeping qualities. The absence of moving parts significantly increases its life-span and the ATLANTIC rudder is also renowned for its low drag and low vibration.



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