Tender of the Month: MasterCraft's new bespoke superyacht watersports tender series

The market for customised, practical and multi-functional superyacht tenders is a growing business, equalled only by the high demand for the customised superyachts which house them. With water sports being an integral part of every superyacht’s itinerary, the demand for a specialised craft that can satisfy such requirements while being useful as a daily superyacht tender has been on the increase. The team at MasterCraft Boats UK have studied this market niche and employed their expertise in the field of water sports to create just that; a range of custom superyacht tenders catering to the need for exhilarating performance with the functionality of a reliable tender.

The decision to join the active superyacht industry comes after months of research, meeting with captains, crew and industry professionals in order to get the best idea of what the market is lacking. MasterCraft Boats UK, who are responsible for bespoke tender sales internationally, soon identified key areas which they could develop to create the ultimate tender suited to the superyacht lifestyle.

The first of these would be the conversion of the standard petrol engines commonly found on MasterCraft, to more superyacht-friendly diesel engines. This does not only simplify daily maintenance for onboard crew, but also allows the tender, as superyachts carry a vast amount of diesel at any given time, to be refuelled by the yacht herself when at anchor, eliminating the need to rely on marina services for refuelling.

The Yanmar engine that MasterCraft opted for offers exceptional low noise and vibration levels. Despite the engines compact nature, it still kicks a punch with a wide power band and a rev-counter reading 3800 rpm when pushed to the limit. A low idle level of 550 rpm is ideal for marina manoeuvres.

The lifting of the actual tender was another important aspect for the engineers at MasterCraft. Knowing that each yacht operates differently, they work closely with a lifting specialist to develop various lifting options ranging from single to multi lifting-point possibilities. The tender can further be customised to facilitate on-deck or garage stowing.

Many hours have gone into designing the onboard features as functional and superyacht-friendly as possible. These include a quick release wakeboard tower and adjustable windscreen height to allow for easy stowing in restricted garage spaces. A platform mounted on the stern of the tender, used for the safe donning of water sports gear, is easily detached to allow the craft to fit into most superyacht garages.

The largest craft in the tender series, the X26, is 7.92 metres and comes with a wet bar and on board head. This particular model has been fitted with a bow thruster too, making tricky marina manoeuvres is a breeze. The bespoke series starts at 6.10 metres. MasterCraft already have tenders in different variants in use in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

MasterCraft Boats UK, will be attending the Monaco yacht Show in September for the first time. Visit them at berth A7 for a closer look at what makes their watersports superyacht tender range so appealing.

MasterCraft Boats UK
+44 1772 851133
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By Charl van Rooy



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