Tender of the Month: Pascoe International’s custom Open Limousine tender

Written by Dante Della Gatta

Tasked with ferrying guests and provisions back and forth from superyacht to shore, tenders are an essential component of every single superyacht vacation and yet they are often the overlooked and underrated workhorses of the industry, but that is changing. In this article, the spotlight shines on the custom Open Limousine tender built by Pascoe International on board Abeking & Rasmussen’s recently delivered 74m Elandess.Pascoe International Elandess open limousine tenderPhoto: Pascoe InternationalMeasuring 10-metres from bow to stern, the Open Limousine tender has been designed to transfer up to 16 guests from ship to shore safely and in style. The team at Pascoe worked in close collaboration with naval architect Patrick Banfield to develop the limousine's engineering platform. The owner of Elandess wanted a tender with the ability to operate in all weather conditions, including high winds and rain. Should the weather take a turn for the worse, spray canopies can be deployed at a moments notice. Pascoe International Elandess open limousine tenderPhoto: Pascoe InternationalPascoe International Elandess open limousine tenderPhoto: Pascoe InternationalWith an ultra-efficient hull shape in place, the team added customised structural elements such as the driving platform and entrance amidship. Defying convention, the design team placed a ‘horseshoe’ settee forward, additional guest seating is placed aft and a large aft activity platform - which has custom fixing points to accommodate bike racks, Seabob stowage and ice chests. With room for the crew to circulate throughout, the 10-metre tender is comfortable for everyone onboard. Furthermore, the limousine features a top-quality audio system, concealed fridges, deck-lighting and removable stainless steel railings. 

Pascoe International Elandess open limousine tenderPhoto: Pascoe InternationalState-of-the-art navtronics help guide the tender through any seascape at speeds up to 45 knots at the touch of a screen. Full joystick control enables precision manoeuvrability while operating at low speeds - further reducing the risk of damage while docking. Whether guests are just beginning their superyacht adventure or embarking on a fun-filled day-excursion, the Pascoe limousine tender is fit for the job. Pascoe International Elandess open limousine tenderPhoto: Pascoe InternationalPascoe's flexible tender platform allows clients to order fully customised tenders in the 8 to 11-metre range. Just like the tenders onboard Elandess, each tender can be formatted to compliment the mothership while ensuring the utmost performance and safety. Pascoe International Elandess open limousine tenderPhoto: Pascoe InternationalThe team at Pascoe have supplied two further tenders, one 7.5-metre Beachlander and one 7-metre Solas rescue tender for Elandess. Pascoe worked closely with Elandess designer Peder Eidsgaard to ensure that the limousine tender wouldn’t just be an accessory, but rather a true continuation of the charm and elegance of the mothership. 

For more information visit Pascoe’s website here or contact the team using the details below.



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