Tender of the Month: High-tech limo tenders from Xtenders

Written by Georgia Tindale

Designed by Xtenders in collaboration with the Dutch studio, Vripack, the elegant and sleek 8-metre limousine tender is the ideal, lightweight, enclosed tender option for every superyacht. 

Xtender 8-metre Limousine tender The 8-metre limousine tender from Xtenders brings exhilarating performance together with superb comfort. The tender is built from Xtenders' unique autoclaved pre-preg carbon fibre which minimizes weight and maximizes strength and efficiency. Combining a low weight with a proven hull design by Vripack, the limousine is a stable, high-performance machine with exceptional handling.

Indeed, truly embodying the description of 'high-tech', Xtenders' lightweight limo tender saves money for every yacht owner on crane cost and fuel consumption and offers a better overall performance to boot, with the pre-preg carbon fibre offering a more durable and a stronger construction in the build. 

The spacious tender's interior accommodates up to 10 guests and two crew, and features options such as a refrigerated drinks cabinet, custom mood lighting, air conditioning and various multimedia devices. Fully customizable, the 8-metre tender can be tailored to match the mothership's design and the client’s personal wishes.

Xtender 8-metre Limousine tender The 8-metre limousine range consists of three different layout designs that can be fully customised to each client, with all models including a central cabin to ensure the smoothest and quietest ride quality for passengers.

Firstly, the Limousine 'Venice' features the helm in the bow, which offers the best versatility for an 8-metre tender and enables the crew to drive the tender in the most comfortable way. Two extra aft seats offer an option for those who prefer to enjoy the ride outside.

Secondly, the Limousine 'Somnium' has a classical limousine arrangement with aft driving position and long cabin thereby offering the most spacious interior with an emphasis on natural lighting.

Finally, the Limousine 'Global' offers an open-air seating area in the bow and a dedicated aft steering position combined with fluid exterior lines.

All three limousines feature a spacious aft deck layout that ensures smooth and safe boarding leading towards a sliding roof hatch granting easy access to the interior. Once inside, the glass roof along the centreline offers an abundance of natural light and headroom. Each model provides comfortable interior seating for up to 10 guests.

Xtender 8-metre Limousine tender

Measuring only 1.8-metres tall and weighing in at only 2600 kg, these tenders are optimized to make the best use of stowage space on board motherships of all sizes, meaning that smaller garage cranes still have the capacity to lift the tender. 

The elegant limousine tender's low weight gives it the best fuel efficiency and performance on the market. Up to 10 guests and two crewmembers can be comfortably transported to their destination at speeds above 40 knots, with a cruising speed of 25 knots. 

Indeed, the lightweight building methods allowed the 74-metre superyacht Global to carry a fully customized version of the limousine on board without exceeding crane limitations. The first tender of the 8-metre limousine range was hailed a great success by Global's owner and crew.

“The LimoTender has a distinctive look which is both unique and modern. Everybody on the crew has been blown away by how she looks and above all how she performs”, Sam Mandeno, Chief Officer of Global. 

Global and Alfa Nero with tenders

The 74-metre superyacht Global (left) with the 8-metre limousine tender aft  (Photo by Raphael Belly)

From the interior to the exterior, the 8-metre limousine tender's design is completely customisable to match the livery and detailing of the yacht. Besides being able to fully tailor the interior, the list of options for the interior includes dimmable windows, air-conditioning, refrigerated drinks cabinets and various multimedia devices, with different drivetrain options available to suit the operating environment.

Xtender 8-metre Limousine tender

To take a closer look at the 8-metre limousine tender for yourself, check out the interior tour and 3D animation from Xtenders:

To find out more about the range of limousine tenders available, contact Xtenders directly using the details below. 



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