TendersX: A smooth ride with Rafnar

Written by Francesca Webster

Following the formation of TendersX Group, a new sister company of Xtenders and Xquip, the division, headed by Gerben Boomsma, announced their partnership with Icelandic boat company Rafnar Maritime. SYT caught up with Boomsma to find out about the newly formed division and discuss why Rafnar was the partner for them.Rafnar tender from TendersXFor those who aren't familiar with Rafnar Marine โ€“ you should be โ€“ this Icelandic boat builder has developed a groundbreaking, patented hull design, which moves through the water like no other high speed vessel. Born from the cold, dark waters of the North Atlantic, the hull is designed as a combination between the displacement hull and V-hull forms, with a shallow central keel and a V behind it, allowing the water to flow around the keel, build pressure within the V and lift the vessel out of the water.

This means that rather than a planing vessel, where the bow is raised out of the water, which can minimise visibility for the driver, the entire boat is lifted. This innovation reduces the slamming effect, common with planing hull yachts, by up-to 95% while improving the mobility on the water tenfold.Rafnar tender from TendersXDesigned with the passenger in mind, the Rafnar hull prevents injury incurred through slamming and it also reduces time on the water by maintaining the vessel speed, even in rough sea conditions. The Amsterdam-based company will go to market as Rafnar Netherlands and Rafnar Germany, producing and distributing these highly advanced and sought after vessels.

As well as ensuring the comfort and safety of those aboard, the innovative hull also ensures that Rafnar tenders have a much longer lifespan than their planing counterparts. With reduced slamming comes less chance of mechanical failure and structural damage, making these vessels a safer investment with lower maintenance and operating costs.Rafnar tender from TendersXGerben Boomsma, commented on the exciting partnership; โ€œWe are proud to be the newest partner of Rafnar Maritime and look forward to further develop the brand as well as sell and produce Rafnar in our region and for the super yacht industry.โ€

A Rafnar demo vessel, as a first physical result of the partnership, will soon arrive in the Netherlands and this Rafnar 1100 cabin will be available later this year. The level of customisation of Rafnar tenders is minimised by their safety and comfort-first design, the deck lay out, the colour pallet and interior materials can be tailored to their owner and to the superyacht they serve.

TendersX Group have launched a tender rental service, offering super yachts the opportunity to rent vessels at short notice. The fleet consists of carbon tenders in a range of 8 to 12 meter and 2 SOLAS rescue ribs. While this service lends itself fantastically to large scale yachting events and regattas, Boomsma also stressed that the company is offering a 24-hour delivery service within Europe.Rafnar tender from TendersXThis unique service means that superyacht crew who need an additional tender for a charter, lose a tender due to mechanical problems, or need a different type of tender at short notice, can request a tender and have it delivered to their yacht the following day.

In the coming months, TendersX Group will be looking to forge similar relationships with other tender brands to expand their portfolio and services. So watch this space to find out why TendersX should be your go-to tender provider.



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