Thraki Yacht Painting announces rebranding

Written by Georgia Tindale

The yacht painting company, Thraki Yacht Painting has undergone major changes recently, with a new website and total rebranding unveiled by the company, who are based in Schwentinental in Northern Germany. 

Thraki Yacht Painting

With Lumin responsible for the rebrand, as Thraki Yacht Painting explains, "The logo and wordmark are designed to complement each other in a very elegant and upscale manner, with the logo visually symbolizing our values and giving a vibe of rich, elegance and professionalism while at the same time aesthetically giving the hint of the front of a yacht pushing the ocean waves aside as it moves towards you. All of this while being closed off by a thin circular line, representing the Earth and all the clients we serve around the world." 

Thraki Yacht Painting
With the 115-metre superyacht Luna and the 162-metre superyacht Dubai as two recent repeat clients for full-scale paint jobs, Thraki Yacht Painting has achieved a strong reputation as a reliable paint contractor, balancing an awareness of paint chemistry with maintaining the best possible aesthetics on the finish. 

Thraki Yacht Painting
As Thraki explain, the reasons behind the rebranding and new website were to simplify the browsing experience for their customers. "The primary objectives of our site development effort were focused on aesthetics, simplifying our content and increasing the visibility of our services. The new redesign allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation and a responsive layout for all platforms. Explore our website to learn more about our full spectrum of services!"

Thraki Yacht Painting

To find out more, and to see Thraki Yacht Painting's rebranding for yourself, check out the website here, or use the contact details below. 



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