The 110m Explorer superyacht concept by J Kinder Yacht Design

Joachim Kinder Yacht Design has just revealed his latest superyacht concept, the 110m metre explorer. This yacht is a typical explorer concept. The main superstructure volume is located at the forward part combined with large free deck areas at the aft. The immense deck spaces function exclusively for leisure, among others with a 12 metres long swimming pool. The helipad is only laid out for landing and take-off. Neither the helicopter nor the tenders should interfere in the all-over appearance.

There are two special 20 metre ‘custom-built’ fast motorboats, designed according to the style pf the main yacht concept. These tenders are located in midship garages and will be loaded/off-loaded by large side hull hatches.

The superyacht is well proportioned with a logical configuration and inboard logistics. All decks are easily accessible by elevators, separated for crew- and guest/owner’s-areas. The internal central stairwell is partially a part of the aft superstructure and it is generously illuminated by natural daylight.

The aft superstructure ends with a strong construed arch. Three cantilever balconies are added on the rear of these flanks and create a light weight character. As well unusual protruded balconies of comfortable size are situated on the sides.

The ultra-modern well-proven 'axe-bow', combined with the stainless-steel shield, makes the vessel unique and gives it an all-over solid and robust appearance. Altogether the ship brings together elegant yacht features with practical and seaworthy elements.

The superyacht will feature 1 owner’s state-room with office, four family staterooms, six guestrooms (six cabins with side balconies) 15 crew-cabins, in total accommodating up to 52 people. Additional features of this superyacht will include: an observation lounge, a private family saloon, a formal and informal dinning room, a cinema and a spa and beach.

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