The 1st Global Boat Rental iPhone Application – iRentaBoat

The first ever iPhone application that allows you search for rental boats and yacht charters from multiple owners, rental companies and brokers globally, all under one roof – iRentaBoat. None of the hassle of searching through different websites. Whether you are on holidays or just fancy a day on the water, this application gives you access to a variety of boats available to rent and is free to download.

The iRentaBoat application has been developed by a Riviera based, French owned company – La Web Compagnie and managed by its Irish Director Jenny Caird from idea to delivery. iRentaBoat is now available to download on the iTunes store:

Jenny Caird, Director stated “ The iPhone now accounts for 43% of all smartphone requests worldwide and iPhone users download the most applications worldwide. The advancements and continued growth of smartphone technology will drive related changes in mobile platforms, communication, e-Commerce, and more, all of which are bound to see changes in the way even small businesses function. The iRentaBoat application is in a strong position to confirm amongst consumers its place in the application market for boat rental and yacht charters. With continued innovation and improvements ongoing we are already researching and developing applications suitable for other phone devices.”

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