The 5 coolest features on board Sanlorenzo’s 500EXP superyacht

Written by Charl van Rooy

Kicking off with an exciting exploration theme over the next two months as we celebrate the launch of our latest issue of the SuperYacht Times newspaper that dives deeper into the world explorer yachts, we take a closer look at one of our favourite off-road superyachts and the cool features she has on board. Sanlorenzo’s new 500EXP line builds on the continued success of its smaller 460EXP models and is able to offer an exciting array of extended options thanks to its increased deck spaces and has quickly become one of the most successful modern-day explorer yachts with an additional four units currently in build. Ocean Dreamwalker III cruisingPhoto: Sanlorenzo

Rugged design

There is no mistaking the 500EXP for ‘just another superyacht’ with her characteristic tough and rugged Paszkokwski design that is dripping with deep-water cruising allure. A high freeboard, extended aft deck and simplistic deck lines are all big giveaways that indicate she is built for autonomous passages into the unknown. On the inside, however, the same level of Italian craftsmanship that you would come to expect from any Sanlorenzo awaits as you retire after a long day hunting hidden coves and desolate islands in the Pacific.Ocean Dreamwalker III cruisingPhoto: Sanlorenzo

Helicopter friendly

As the first Sanlorenzo capable of receiving and carrying her own helicopter, the 500EXP takes exploring to new heights. The ability to view uncharted waters, remote volcano islands or larger-than-life Arctic glaciers from above makes every adventure that much more special. Additionally, having the freedom to travel from your yacht to your private jet that is standing by on the runway in St Barths is another benefit that comes with having one of these on your yacht.Sanlorenzo 500EXp Ocean Dreamwalker IIIPhoto: SanlorenzoSanlorenzo 500EXp Ocean Dreamwalker IIIPhoto: Sanlorenzo


With a range of 4,500 nautical miles and a myriad of storage spaces both inside and out on deck, the Sanlorenzo 500EXP not only looks like an explorer yacht, but when it comes down to it, will be able to match your every adventurous step around the world. Open deck spaces are perfect for sightseeing and beach-landing reconnaissance while the functional wheelhouse offers excellent visibility when making way even in low visibility conditions. Ocean Dreamwalker III cruisingPhoto: Sanlorenzo

Ice cruising

With a special unit under construction with Ice Class capabilities, knowing that you can take your 500EXP into the most extreme cruising grounds that mother nature has in store sets this explorer yacht apart from the rest of the crowd. Special heated deck fittings and an extra-thick steel hull provide peace of mind as you make your way through the treacherous ice floes of the Arctic. Launch SanLorenzo 500EXP Ocean Dreamwalker 3Photo: Tom van Oossanen / SuperYacht Times

Toys galore

When the anchor drops and it's time to play, the 500EXP has got you covered with a massive aft deck and built-in deck crane that deploys your fleet of tenders, water planes and even submersibles with ease. The foredeck houses another deck crane that launches the two jet skis in minutes, good for island hopping in the Bahamas or picking up friends at the beach on the Riviera.  Sanlorenzo 500EXP Ocean Dreamwalker IIIPhoto: SuperYacht Times



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