The 50m Lady Ann Magee in St Barths

Written by Charl van Rooy

Lady Ann Magee in St Barths

Launched in 2001, Lady Ann Magee has retained her name for over a decade despite having changed hands in the past. She was designed by Della Role Design and received a major refit in 2006 after which she has been kept in very good condition since. Since 1996 Codecasa has built 10 nearly identical sister ships based on the same 50-metre platform. Yachts in the line include Aldabra, delivered in 2011, Emelina from 2008, Regina d'Italia from 2006, Ol Mi Da from 2004, Mariu from 2003, Eileen from 2000, Invader from 1999, Te Manu from 1998, Cyan from 1997 and Nanook from 1996.



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