The 72 metre superyacht Stella Maris in Monaco

Superyacht Stella Maris in Monaco

The latest delivery by Viareggio Superyachts (VSY), Stella Maris, is designed by Espen Oeino in cooperation with Laurent Giles Naval Architects, and blends traditional elements of design and layout with new variations on a theme โ€“ such as the staggered internal decks, the heights of the saloons and the innovative form of the bow. Our team stepped on board a couple of months ago, and we learned that the VSY is full of green solutions, such as the use of recyclable materials in their superyachts, engines able to run on high quality fuels, resulting in a drastic reduction of harmful emissions, water treatment systems that produce biologically transparent and odourless discharges, electric auxiliary engines for use in port which eliminate the need for the main engine, and a green anchoring system.

By Maarten Janssen, Photo by Merijn de Waard



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