The 90m modern-classic superyacht Nero in Barcelona

Superyacht Nero in Barcelona, Spain

Nero’stimeless lines were inspired by the 1890’s superyachtCorsair, commissioned by American financier, banker and art collector, JP Morgan. The team at Neil Taylor designs set out to create the ultimate classic superyacht with a heritage dating back to the late 1800’s. But don’t be fooled by Nero’s exterior. Beneath the vintage veneer of this 90m Corsair Yachts-built superyacht lies high-tech systems and features that would have most yachts green with envy. Onboard she housesspecial features such as a current swimming pool, two VIP cabins with saloons, two custom tenders (a 9.4-metre cabin cruiser and a 7.9-metre tender) and a 5.5-metre side boarding platform which is ideal for swimming, diving as well as boarding the yacht.

Photo by alfplant2009



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