The Aeroyacht 110 - the world's fastest luxury sailing yacht

Designed by Gregor Tarjan in collaboration with the renowned Multihull architects team of Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering Inc, the Aeroyacht 110 is one of the most innovative superyachts.

Gregor Tarjan, founder of Aeroyacht International Ltd commented: “I have long admired Wally yachts. Seeing nothing comparable to them among luxury catamarans, I decided it was time for me to launch my own supercatamaran. I have created the Aeroyacht 110 from scratch following the motto: no compromise on speed and beauty. She is the first model of a sleek new range (a 95' and 125' are in the works), representing the ultimate high-performance, supremely styled world traveler.

I am privileged to be part of a most competent team including the famous naval architect Pete Melvin from Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering Inc, and my friend Vincent Duchatelet, a talented French interior designer. I recently went on a round-the-world trip to find the best shipyards that we have licensed to build this extraordinary yacht”.

Some of the Aeroyacht 110 comfort innovations:
o A two seat Icon A5 amphibian sports plane launched from a specially designed platform.
o A 32’ wide salon with all around water views
o A private loggia at mast foot away from paparazzi…

Some of the Aeroyacht 110 design innovations:
o “Hatch modules “for air intake and exhaust while keeping a totally flush deck.
o A low profile semi-fly bridge for vessel commands and esthetics
o 450 square feet of integrated solar panels…

Some of the Aeroyacht 110 technical innovations:
o Reverse bows preventing down force and reducing pitching.
o A competition wing-rig designed by world specialist Paul "Whirly" Van Dyke
o Double chined hulls for better vessel stability and esthetics…

Recently, internationally renowned designer Ora-ïto was quoted as describing the Aeroyacht 110 as his favorite yacht. The Aeroyacht 110 will offer race boats sailing sensations in a superyacht comfort environment and will not go unnoticed. She will be built by licensed shipyards around the world known for the quality of their work and their expertise in composite work.

Gregor Tarjan
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