The Alubrid series of superyachts unveiled

Hydro Tec’s Sergio Cutolo’s has shared more details about his innovative new Alubrid series. The series consists of a 25 metre, 30 metre, 35 metre, 40 metre (under construction), 46 metre and 65 metre model, designed specifically to meet the needs of different types of owners. They will all share the same aluminium construction, semi-displacing bottom and characteristic vertical bow.

With this new lines of superyachts, Sergio wanted to create safe vessels of limited weight and optimised consumption and performance ratio, capable of getting around quickly and comfortably.

The Alubrid series will all have hybrid propulsion. The diesel engines may be used for quick trips, whilst the electric engines powered by auxiliary units with a particulate filter which will keep emissions to a minimum and allow the vessel to glide over the water in total silence, consuming as little fuel as possible to protect the environment.

The first vessel in the new range under construction at the Palumbo shipyard is the Columbus Sport 130 Hybrid, with naval architecture and exterior design by Cutolo. The yacht will be able to reach a maximum of 24 knots, and using the electric propellers, it can travel at about 7.5 knots, consuming an estimated 30 litres/hour, which is very little for a vessel of this size.

Capable of developing and delivering to customers a complete boat design: from the hull to the onboard engineering, from the exterior fixtures to systems design and sheet metal nesting. Without neglecting what first attracts future owners when they look at a boat: its shape, external lines and compartmentalisation.

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By Maarten Janssen



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