Looking ahead: Navigating uncharted waters with FarSounder’s new Argos 350

Written by Georgia Tindale

The Rhode Island-based forward-looking sonar experts at FarSounder have unveiled their latest product in preparation for this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Set to make its official world launch during the show, which kicks off tomorrow on 30th October, the new sonar model forms part of the company’s navigation series: the Argos series and is called the Argos 350. 

FarSounder has kept the yachting community safe from shallows and in-water obstacles since 2005 through its revolutionary sonar technology. The development of this innovative series of 3D forward-looking navigation sonars was the natural consequence of the company’s continued growth and maintained focus on research, which looked to offer a greater range of alternatives to the market than is currently available.Aurora yacht cruisingHow do the Forward-Looking sonar systems work? 

A manageable and easily understood interface displays the data collected by FarSounder’s Forward-Looking Sonar systems in the form of colour-coded real-time images of the seafloor and water column ahead in an intuitive three-dimensional display. This data is also able to be displayed as an overlay on a nautical chart.  The Local History Mapping™ (LHM), an inherent feature across all of the Argos Series sonar systems, continuously generates and updates a map of where the ship has recently sailed with every ping and is overlaid on the chart.Far Sounder Argos 350Photo: FarSounderDesigned to detect hazardous objects while cruising, its rugged design protects the receivers and transmitters of the Argos Series sonar systems from the underwater elements. As well as enabling navigation with confidence, the Forward-Looking sonar systems are a valuable asset for the discovery of good anchorage spots and appealing dive sites. In introducing the Argos 350 to the market, seafarers on smaller vessels can avoid unexpected encounters with shallow reefs, icebergs, shipwrecks or wandering debris thanks to FarSounder’s 3D real-time software.Far Sounder Argos 350Photo: FarSounderWhat’s different about the Argos 350?

Significantly, through this announcement, FarSounder has unlocked the latest safe navigation technology for a wider variety of yachts. The Argos 350 is designed to serve the mid-size market of yachts between 18-40+ metres, allowing them the freedom to navigate uncharted waters with enhanced safety and peace of mind.Koonoona yacht in marinaEquipped with FarSounder’s 3D real-time software functionality, the Argos 350 has been designed with a smaller, lighter transducer and is offered to the market at a lower price. Featuring the same applications and high quality found in FarSounder’s two existing models, the Argos 350 boasts a 350-metre range of detection with a maximum speed of 18 knots. As is the case with the Argos 1000 and the Argos 500, the design of the Argos 350 allows for easy, fixed installation, but it also offers an alternative, convenient method of installation and can be connected to a hoist in a 10-inch diameter sea chest. Vivierae yacht cruising“The creative FarSounder team has worked tirelessly to provide a smaller and lower-cost solution for mid-sized vessels. This was a goal of ours for many years,” explains FarSounder’s CEO, Cheryl M. Zimmerman. “Ultimately, we are elated to bring our forward-looking sonar to a wider market without compromising on the quality our customers have come to expect from our innovative Forward-Looking Sonar systems.”

To find out more about FarSounder and the Argos Series, contact the company directly using the details below.

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