The Association of Big Class Sailing Yachts is founded

The Owners and Captains of the Big Class classic sailing yachts Cambria, Mariette, and Eleonora (Founding Members) met on 26th March 2010 and agreed to found the Big Class Association (BCA).

This Association has resulted from discussions held over recent years amongst the Owners and Captains of the large classic sailing yachts who have agreed that there is a need to, amongst other things; represent the interests of this group of yachts.

The purpose of the BCA is to:

  • represent the interests of the Big Class yachts with organisers and sponsors of classic yacht regattas, race committees, and rating bodies, and other parties involved in classic yacht sailing activities
  • to be actively and closely involved in the organisation of Big Class regattas in the spirit and atmosphere of the historical Big Class races as they were known in the 1910s – 1930s, similar to the Westward Cup 2010 that is being staged from 5th – 10th July in Cowes to commemorate the centenary of Westward’s launch and to initiate the revival of the Big Class racing
  • develop and promote safety recommendations for racing the Big Class yachts
  • to make available a pool of know-how and experience to owners and captains who are interested in building or restoring a Big Class sailing yacht
  • agree on and implement a rating system applicable specifically to Big Class yachts
  • develop a platform for sharing information and experience related to the activities of the Big Class yachts.

In due time, the BCA will develop its own infrastructure, website, and other means of communication with its members and other interested parties.

It is one of the key objectives of the Founding Members to invite in due course other Big Class yachts such as Altair, Britannia, Elena, Germania, Lulworth, and Thendara to join the BCA. Other yachts may be invited to join as and when the BCA agrees their membership.

Following the Westward Cup 2010 in July in Cowes, the Founding Members are already considering Big Class invitational racing events in June 2011 in the Mediterranean and in 2012 in the Solent.

Big Class Association
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