The Beiderbeck designed BD80 underway at Cyrus

The BD80 sailing yacht, currently under construction at Cyrus Yachts in Turkey, to a design by Beiderbeck Designs, was developed for an owner who had a rather particular request.

The owner of the yacht wanted to be able to look out over the water from the yacht’s main salon, but did not like the idea of having a large deckhouse. The solution is as simple, as it is clever. Beiderbeck combined a low profile deckhouse, with low-cut hull windows, where a band of discreet leather upholstery continues the line of the windows.

Inside, the salon is arranged in such a way that you can see out from virtually every seat. The interior itself is both warm and bright, accentuated with high gloss walnut and Moondust coloured paintwork.

The bd80 is strikingly beamy at 5.85 metres, and during the design process the yacht’s overall length was extended from 76 to 80 feet, or just on 24 metres, by the addition of a bowsprit. This creates extra foot length for the 240 m2 Code Zero when reaching. Higher on the wind the Bd80 sails with a 125 m2 self-tacking jib. The 173 m2 mainsail – made by the French firm Incidences, like all the sails – furls into the boom and is sheeted mid-boom.

Although tremendously powerful, this is however a cruising yacht with a conventional backstay and a 3.25-metre jet tender parked in the stern garage. A hydraulic cylinder in the main boom roller lifts the tender easily into the water. Because of the completely new window arrangement, strength calculations for the weight-bearing structures were performed by Gurit (formerly SP Systems) in an extensive FEM study and their construction was supervised by the independent composites expert Igor Ljubobratovic. The yacht weighs just under 36 tonnes and leaves nothing to be desired in the way of comfort.

"We have not permitted any compromise to be made at the expense of handling", observe Tim Ulrich and Immo Lüdeling from beiderbeck designs.

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By Maarten Janssen



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