The challenge to build a 6.3m superyacht tender under 650kg

Xtenders, manufacturer of the lightest high-end superyacht tenders in the market, accepted the challenge to supply superyacht Nilaya with a 6.3 meter tender under 650kg, within the limits of the 112ft Baltic yacht's lifting equipment capacity. The challenge was agreed by a performance contract where Xtenders was to be penalized for every kg exceeding the 650kg, without compromising on quality and horsepower.

Herbert Dercksen, CEO of Xtenders explains why they took the challenge:

“Xtenders are constructed out of pre-preg carbon fibre, using the most advanced autoclave technologies that gives the maximum advantage of carbon fibre properties. This allows us to build the high-end lightweight superyacht tenders without compromising on quality,” Dercksen said.

The 6.3M Xtender was delivered with a custom foldable console, a carbon fibre wake-board pole, two suspendable seats, an outboard 115 HP Yamaha engine, all within the required limits with a full operational weight of 623kg.

“The tender is state-of-the and driving it is truly phenomenal. People at Xtenders pay attention to every possible detail. They see a challenge in everything where others say it is not possible. The service of Xtenders is excellent, from start-to-end, “ said Nilaya´s captain.

Herbert Dercksen
+31 (0)35 678 00 60
[email protected]



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