The cruising pair Istranka and Mystere Shadow in Sardinia

Written by Charl van Rooy

Superyacht Istranka and support vessel Mystere Shadow in SardiniaPhoto: SuperYacht TimesSeen together in the waters outside Porto Cervo in Sardinia last week was the cruising pair of superyachts Istranka and Mystere Shadow. Providing support as a shadow vessel to her mothership, Mystere Shadow was completely refitted in 2011 specifically for this task. The vessel was originally built in 1981 by Candies Shipbuilders in the UK and was redesigned by Pastrovich Studio for a new life as a luxury support vessel.Β IstrankaΒ was built in 1952 as Princess Haifa for Marshall Tito, then the President of Yugoslavia. The vessel was often used for diplomatic meetings and is said to have hosted several world leaders at the time. Today she cruises the Mediterranean as a luxury charter yacht along with her partner.



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