The designers from Bottega Nautica have sent us the designs of the BN – 90’ project

As a sailing yacht BN – 90’ has a smooth but yet aggressive displacing hull. There are no visible holes but the retractable portholes can provide natural light.

The telescopic deckhouse can be moved towards the aft, allowing the coverage of the cockpit area in case of wind, sun or rain.

The BN – 90’ project’s propulsion system has hybrid engines which ensures lower fuel consumption and reduced vibration. Battery power is supplied from a large solar surface integrated on the deck.

BN – 90’ is composed of 2 bridges. The Main deck has a living area and a sundeck. Its interior is characterized by an open space with minimal design and integrated furniture. The space is defined by an interactive crystal, containing a computer, TV, GPS, that increases the sociability and safety of guests.

There are 4 twin cabins with private bathrooms on the Lower deck, where the crew area is. Each cabin can have either double beds or separated beds. The style is pure and simple and it can be customized by the guests thanks to a color and aromatherapy app on your own tablet.



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