The Equator Club offers fractional ownership of superyacht Impian

The Equator Club, an island-hopping and destinations club based out of Singapore and operating in Indonesia, brings together individuals who appreciate the joy and enviable lifestyle of yacht ownership on the equatorial line without any of the headaches, responsibilities or the inevitable cash outlays inherent with yacht ownership.

Impian yacht profile rendering

The fractional owners become shareholders in the locally registered company that owns the 42 metre superyacht **** . By investing in a share of the yacht, not only do you get your holiday charter fees already paid for, but you also get to become a member of that unique destination club.

The yacht itself is looked after and marketed for commercial charter the rest of the year by a dedicated yacht management company. Divided into 12 shares of 350,000USD, Impian's fractional program is now open to participants.

Until the yacht completion, not only can you actually witness the closing stages of the build, but you can immediately enjoy the benefits of being an Equator Club member and be part of the unique adventure.

The Equator Club
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