The Ethos 30, a hybrid, crossover and modular tender

Less than three months ago, Azure Embark, brought forward at the Cannes Boat Show, Ethos 30. Ethos 30 is the a hybrid, crossover and modular boat, with the possibility to turn its open version into a cabin one.

Because of its modularity, Ethos can be used as a chase tender, for fishing, water sports, diving, and long trips. Ethos 30 allows clients to choose among Open, Cabin and Lounge Cabin version. Through an innovative fixing system the side bulwarks can be installed in any moment and without any difficulty. Therefore the boat can be converted either from open to closed cockpit. The use of facilities producing renewable energy during the production processes as well as the use of equipment and systems for the production cycle does not generate any toxic substances, pollutants and reduces the waste production.

Ethos has been designed to respect the sea during the vessel use. Its low energy consumption as well as its low CO2 production and the use of non-polluting antifouling makes this boat a sustainable product.

Azure Embark
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