The glass elevator for Dunya’s Red Square by Lift Emotion

At the beginning of 2010 Lift Emotion received a request to deliver a glass elevator for Dunya’s 72 metre superyacht Red Square. In January 2010 the team of Lift Emotion met with the project manager of Dunya Yachts to discuss the technical specifications and limitations of the special square glass elevator.

Alberto Pinto, the interior designer, had made the design for the owner’s staircase, which included a clear and open glass elevator with parts of stainless steel. The outside of the elevator trunk and the elevator cabin needed to be made from mirror polished stainless steel, while the inside of the elevator trunk needed to be made from brushed stainless steel.

The elevator trunk is placed inside a straight staircase with a certain radius at each corner, this radius needed to be incorporated in the elevator trunk and needed to be made from mirror polished stainless steel. During the design discussions Lift Emotion proposed to have two special brushed stainless steel pipes as guiding for the cabin; this instead of the standard basic steel T shaped profiles used for ordinary elevator designs.

With the design, Lift emotion also had to incorporate the drive system within the limited space available under the elevator. Lift Emotion chose to use part of the available space and placed the cylinder opposite the elevator entrance. The interior designer requested that the cylinder would not be visible when standing inside the cabin.

This demand has resulted in using special telescopic cylinders with 4 synchronized stages, which is very unusual in the elevator world. The cylinder will be powered by means of a power pack with special electronically controlled valves ensuring a trouble free and absolute smooth ride. Using a cylinder with 4 stages means also that some of these stages need to be guided to avoid bending of the cylinder under load. The demanded radius on the outside of the trunk will be used to incorporate a guiding system.

In order to secure the high quality of each elevator Lift Emotion prefers to bring in big pre assembled parts of a glass elevator, normally one or two sections. However with the height limitations above the sundeck at Dunya Yachts, Lift Emotion needed to make a section per deck meaning 4 separate sections.

With the experienced engineers at Dunya Yachts, the design ideas of Alberto Pinto, the craftsmanship of List, the interior outfitter, and Lift Emotion's passion for elevators, has enabled this project to be an eye catching feature of this impressive superyacht.

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