The grounding of Lady Moura during the Cannes Film Festival

On the morning of Saturday May 19, on our way to the St Marguerite, one of the Lérins islands off Cannes, we passed the 105m Blohm & Voss build Lady Moura, anchored in the bay of Cannes. As we passed her closely, we noticed she was listing to one side. Though it was somewhat strange, but we didn’t suspect yet she run aground. Apparently it had just happened.

On our way back to Cannes, when we came closer to Lady Moura one of the crew informed us that she had ran aground. We only realised the seriousness of this grounding after we saw the Hinckley tender docked alongside preparing to take the guests and their luggage of the boat.

20 Minutes later (around 15.00 hrs) we passed Lady Moura close again. It was apparent she was leaking diesel, as a floating barrier was put in place to protect the coast from diesel, and the crew was using the tender engines to disperse the fuel.

By 17.30hrs on our last trip from the Island back to Cannes, Lone Ranger had come closer to assist Lady Moura.

The next day we came back to Cannes and Lady Moura was pulled free by a small tug and anchored off St Marguerite with the anti pollution barrier still in place.

According to different reports Lady Moura was obstructed by many small boats while she was trying to anchor in the bay. Currently she is in Barcelona for repairs to her fuel tank.

Photo credit: Merijn de Waard /



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