The Gruppo Baglietto is founded

“Gruppo Baglietto” is the industrial shipbuilding centre for pleasure crafts of Camuzzi Spa, the multinational company founded in Milan in 1929.

The nautical centre was established in 2004 through the acquisition by Camuzzi of the Baglietto shipyard (a long-established yachting company with operative headquarters in Varazze and La Spezia) and the Pisa shipyard in 2005. Camuzzi’s acquisition is significant for the industry, as wi tnessed by the strong relaunch of the two long-established and internationally renowned Italian shipbuilding brands.

The decision to use the Baglietto name (Gruppo Baglietto) for the Camuzzi centre was taken to capitalize on the enormous reputation that the brand has built up over the course of its 150 years in business.

Today the mission of the group is to optimize the two portfolio brands and develop them as leading players on the global market with the help of a vision that has long been supported by the values of Italian style.

The two brands will however continue to clearly maintain their distinctive identities and their specific qualities. For the Baglietto brand this means technology, performance, sporty design and custom-made production, whilst the Pisa shipyards are known for their class, sophistication, quality, comfort and elegance.

The “Gruppo Baglietto” also includes: the Gruppo Baglietto Montecarlo (specialized in chartering) and the Gruppo Baglietto Tunisia (that houses the two Tunisian production plants specializing in composite materials).

Economic data
The figures for 2006 for the Gruppo Baglietto continue to show a positive trend (that began soon after the acquisition) both in terms of production and Ebitda. In 2006 turnover was 121 million euros with a gross operating margin (Ebitda) of 12.57%.

Estimates for 2007 show production value of 152 million euros with Ebitda at 11,99%. Those for 2009, the last year of the industrial plan, predict a production value of 233 million euros.

Group management
The President of the Gruppo Baglietto is Fabrizio Garilli and the Vice-Presidents are Ruggeromassimo Jannuzzelli and Gaspare Borghini. The Managing Director is Luciano Scaramuccia.



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