The Hakvoort Shipyard

In June Merijn de Waard visited the Hakvoort Shipyard in Monnickendam. Hakvoort, known for it’s high quality superyachts in the 30-50 metre range, is currently outfitting two yachts, Perle Bleue with a length of 38m and the 45m YN 241. Hakvoort currently also has one yacht under refit, the 28-meter Hakvoort sailing yacht Mandarine.

Like many other shipyards Hakvoort is fully booked until 2011 with no less then 5 yachts currently on order. Besides Perle Bleue (drawing below) and YN 241, Hakvoort has orders for motor yachts of 39m, 47m and 44m.

Monnickendam has always been the home of Hakvoort Shipyards and as our conversation started we talked about the size limitation of Hakvoort. The maximum length of a yacht is 50m and the maximum beam Hakvoort can build is 9m. Building larger yachts at the current facilities is not possible.

In the past the yard considered relocating, but the costs of such a relocation would be huge and Mr Hakvoort himself is very clear about the location. Monnickendam will always be the home of Hakvoort.

The fact that you enter a completely different league when you start building yachts bigger than 50 meters also played a part in the decision to stay in Monnickendam. Hakvoort is one of the best shipyards when it comes to building yachts up to 50 meters, and they are happy to keep within this size range.

We started our tour of the shipyard in the first building shed of Hakvoort, were the 45m YN 241 (drawing above) is currently under construction. YN 241, thought to be called My Trust, is designed by Cor D Rover with an interior by Felix Buytendijk. The yacht is the first to be built for charter, under the new Dutch government rules for Commercial Cruising Vessels (CCV).

In the second shed we toured Perle Bleue which is almost ready for her July launch. In order to house the yacht Hakvoort needed special permission from the local government to extend their shed temporarily by 2 meters. The interior, although not yet finished, gives the feeling that you are in a St Barth’s villa. Perle Bleue will make her debut in October at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

After our tour Hakvoort provided a meeting with the owner of Perle Bleue, Mr Stanley Bey and his wife Peggy. They have been long-time owners and their previous yacht was the 44.9m Hakvoort Campbell Bay (now sailing under the name Cracker Bay).

Their new boat will be 6 meters shorter than their former yacht and asking why they decided to scale down, Mr Bey explained that they took 115 feet as a starting point for their new boat. They asked themselves “what do we really need onboard our new boat?”, it turned out that everything they needed would fit nicely in a 38m hull.

Mr Bey was keen to point out that the aft decks are very big, providing huge exterior spaces. In fact, they provide even more space than they had on their previous 44m yacht. Spending some time on the Oceanfast Sycara III (now Sirona III) inspired the couple to create the same glass rounding’s at the aft decks (drawing below). Wanting only the best, their new yacht will cost approximately 25% more then their former 44m boat.

Perle Bleue will mainly cruise in the USA, Caribbean and the Bahamas. Speaking about the USA Mr Bey expressed his concerns regarding all the rules and regulations when you cruise the USA. New rules increases paper work, which makes visiting the country less interesting. Even so, as this being their home country, The Beys plan to visit it regularly.



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