The importance of an interior design owner's representative

Designing and building a superyacht always is a complex and intricate task, where an impressive number of disciplines come together to create a final product that transcends being a vessel and truly becomes an all-round experience of fine luxury. Successfully managing a project and meeting an owner's specific requirements and personal wishes is extremely important, if not indispensable.

Assuring that the onboard quality of design is up to par with the owner's expectations is a hugely important part of this, and a speciality all on it's own. As such, this requires an owner's representative who has the expertise and knowledge to carry out this complex task successfully and efficiently. Due to the complex nature of designing and building a superyacht interior, this can only be trusted to a skilled professional: someone who possess the experience, perseverance and flexibility to see a project through in the most effective and successful way possible. And this is where interior design owner's representative Johannes Kerschbaumer comes in.

As an experienced yacht interior controller, mister Kerschbaumer has the skills and know-how to offer efficient solutions that are specifically tailored to every owner's needs. Specialised controlling is absolutely crucial in order to maintain the high standards that owners expect. From start to finish, mister Kerschbaumer is committed to seeing a superyacht's interior design realised in the most efficient and effective way, never losing sight of budgets as well as the aim for top-quality results. Commencing a project, mister Kerschbaumer talks a client through the possibilities, offering a range of options that allow the owner to compose a tailored set of services that perfectly fit his requirements and expectations. From then on, the implementation of the superyacht's interiors will be handled with the uttermost care, precision and effectiveness.

Designing and building superyacht interiors is an extremely complex and intricate matter, a whole project all on it's own. There is an enormous scope of subtasks to be fulfilled, all needing to be handled and supervised with care in order to maintain a final result of excellence. Wide overview and focused, in-depth knowledge are essential to bring such projects to a successful conclusion. Every year, more and more designers and owners attract a specialised owner's representative, someone who is specifically tasked with a superyacht's interior and represents the owner in order to see things through successfully, efficiently and with the owners interests at heart. This is exactly what mister Kerschbaumer's services are all about.

With an impressive 13 years of experience in the global superyacht industry, mister Kerschbaumer has built an impressive range of skills and extensive knowledge in the fields of production and quality control, on-site management and cabinetry, to name but a few. Initially starting out as a fitter, he developed into an interior and quality control manager, with the impressive responsibility of heading a team of 100 employees. Mister Kerschbaumer simply knows how to take on the wide range of tasks that come with realising a superyacht's interior, offering the owner every reassurance that his coveted project will be executed to the fullest extent of their requirements. High quality, efficient progress and cost control are just some of the many advantages of employing mister Kerschbaumer as a superyacht's interior owner's representative. He guarantees cost effective building, the highest quality and fast fitting, knowing how to successfully fulfil and manage even the most complex project, professionally representing the owner.

With successful projects that include involvement in superyachts built by acclaimed shipyards such as Oceanco, Amels, Lürssen and Vitters, mister Kerschbaumer has developed an extensive professional network and possesses excellent knowledge of fitting, project management, on site management, quality control and interior production. With these qualifications, he can professionally tackle tasks and challenges that emanate from shrinking numbers of personnel, extraordinary design concepts, complex material usage and the transfer of interior control responsibilities to designers or shipyards. He diminishes the chances of potential problems and assures a smooth process from start to finish. These, and many more reasons, are valid arguments to acquire mister Kerschbaumer's services, offering the necessary support for any owner to reach the highest possible level of quality for every project.

With his premium speciality as an owner's representative for superyacht interior, Johannes Kerschbaumer knowledge includes every industry-related with regards to the yacht interiors. These include fitting, production, design, purchase and engineering, so a successful overview of any project combined with a specific attention to detail is simply guaranteed.

Johannes Kerschbaumer
Yacht Interior Controlling & Consultancy
+43 664 22 03 272
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