The innovative Reversys Boat concept

Being both a concept and a novel design made in Switzerland, Reversys Boat offers a new comfort of use and also undeniable safety thanks to its retractable hardtop roofs. It is really a novel concept which provides demanding users with a solution.

The boat is ready to navigate in just a few effortless minutes. Reversys Boat roots itself in the use of a hardtop offering at the same time top safety in harbours and the possibility of being transformed quickly into a comfortable sunbathing surface. This novel concept aims at improving boating comfort by transforming a boat into three different shapes and therefore enriching its possible uses.

An old idea brought up to date
Retractable hardtops have successfully equipped the automotive industry for several decades so why couldn’t they do the same for motorboating? Pascal Vuilliomenet and Laurent Clément, system designer and industrial designer respectively, both rose to the challenge with a novel answer. This issue has been raised time and time again but without any satisfactory achievement. A close study of the various patented inventions so far was necessary to find the key to the problem; most of the suggested solutions involved huge storage for the opened roof which obviously affects the comfort of the boat.

A novel concept for a variety of uses and enhanced comfort
The Reversys Boat concept is built on the using of the hardtop roof in its open position. This way the structure is turned into a sunbathing surface. As soon as it is folded, the roof displays a new surface to be enjoyed immediately. A single automatic mechanism controls the three different positions and therefore enriches the possible uses of the boat. Just like for any modern convertible, the engine specification of the retractable hardtop roof enables fast access to the boat thus avoiding long manoeuvring to pull the tarpaulin. In its open positions, the outside of the roof is fully retracted and protected from stains. The boat is ready to use.

The Reversys concept is based in the tradition of the 1920's racing boats when wealthy northern Americans used to challenge one another on the stretches of water of the Great Lakes of America. The V-shaped hull along with a full-length deck and a back-set cockpit add to its radical proportions specifically fitting the hartop roof device. The treatement of details allows it to embody an ultra-classical style which roots the concept in modernity: the tulip-shaped curves of its flanks contrast with the vertical stem and the bulging long section which dives thus opposing itself to the vectorial lines of the roof. The final product is the graphic symbiosis of nature and engineering. Its sturdy and reassuring design is emphasized by an outline both smooth and tight and therefore the Reversys concept echoes the most powerful sea mammal, the orca.

Enhanced security as real added value
Growing disrespect in harbours has led local authorities to make piers private. However these initiatives do not always prove to be efficient. Reversys Boat offers a real alternative: once closed the boat cannot be entered anymore. Its hardtop roof and tis side windows provide efficient safety should it be against disrespect or poor weather patterns.

One concept, one team up to the challenge
Despite being finalized the concept has not been produced yet. So as to be able to both develop and allow the project’s execution, Pascal Vuilliomenet and Laurent Clément have included Vincent Jaton into it. Project designer and supervisor, Vincent Jaton is also an expert at innovation and communication. Besides all the protagonists necessary to the launching of a limited run have been identified and contacted and thus production can start to keep up with demand.

Reversys Boat
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