The interior refit of superyacht Life Saga

The 42 metre Heesen superyacht Life Saga recently underwent a major refit. We asked the designers, Pastrovich Studio, to tell us more about the redesigned interior.

Stefano Pastrovich explains; “The design of Life Saga’s main salon and the dining room is my personal interpretation of the geometrical rules invented during the 5th Century. The plan view is divided into 12 equal sectors of 30 degrees. Each sector follows a specific rule: some hide the view with an opaque round wall, others let the exterior view become part of the pleasure. The two consecutive open sectors allow the spacial connection between the forward dining room and the aft salon. A similar connection is present between the aft salon and the exterior terrace creating a feeling of great openness and freshness, where exterior and interior become one.”

Some of those sectors are limited by a round wall which constrains the view inside the room where others open up the view to the exterior through windows, finally the aft opening glass doors declare the intention to increase the inside-out connection. The longitudinal symmetry of this game between void and filled spaces gives the two round areas a unique ambience.Thanks to the use of regular partitions, a visitor living inside will struggle to find the beginning or the end of the space. The direct consequence is an increased perception of space, with a welcome feeling of a greater volume”.

Due to some restrictions by the owners, the upper salon could not be completely changed, however, the designers we asked to restyle the salon, which is now referred to as the Jaguar lounge. “Pushed by the client to find something very cool with the Pastrovich “Wow” effect, we started to create a very elaborate mix of fabrics, photos, marble, loose furniture and lighting effects”, Stefano explains.

Similar to the Jaguar Lounge, Pastrovich were unable to completely redo the entire master. However, by changing just a few key colours and materials an amazing transformation was possible. “The ambiance of the room is now much more fresh”, Sefano says.

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