The Italian Sea Group launches Franck Muller Yachts

The Italian Sea Group has launched a new brand of yachts with the renowned watchmaker, Franck Muller. The new range is entitled Franck Muller Yachts, with the partnership blending the high-end luxury yacht and yachting worlds.

The Italian Sea Group states that larger models will also soon be introduced to the market, measuring up to the 100 feet mark. Furthermore, the Group has built up a brand new hangar of about 7,000 sqm to host the Franck Muller Yachts production in their 100,000 sqm facility.

The new hangar is also enriched by โ€˜atelier', a classy showroom where clients, supported by the shipyard's design team, will be able to carefully select each single material to be used on board. The inaugural vessel, Franck Muller 55, is currently in build and on schedule to be completed in time to be officially unveiled at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

By Gemma Fottles



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