The Kuipers 43.6 meter semi-custom superyacht

The Kuipers 43.60 meters (143ft) semi-custom motor yacht is a high volume motor yacht with a beam of 8.92 meters (29.3ft), with a shallow draft of 2.20 meters (7.3ft) at 100% load.

The yacht can be compared in volume with a 50+ meter (164ft) motor yacht, due to the large accommodation space it has to offer, and she will certainly be an eye-catcher in every port she'll visit.

The Kuipers 43.60 meter can best be described as the optimum family motor yacht and can be used for both private and charter. The yachts offer 5 staterooms and a tremendous accommodation space. She accommodates 6 to 10 crew / staff members.

At the present moment several 43.6 meters semi-custom motor yachts have been contracted and are underway in the process of engineering and construction, whereby Kuipers Shipyard shall streamline the production in such a way that a minimum of four yachts can be delivered to their clients.

The first yachts of this series will be delivered at Kuipers Shipyardโ€™s facility in Woudsend according the following scheme:

NB 806 Delivery scheduled >> September 2009.
NB 807 Delivery scheduled >> December 2009.
NB 809 Delivery scheduled >> March 2010.
NB 810 Delivery scheduled >> June 2010.

The following yachts in this series, shall be delivered in a cycle of 3 months to the clients.



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