The latest Superyacht Gossip – 17

The Saudi Arabian Royal Yacht Al Yamamah was recently renamed Ocean Breeze. Rumor has it that she will be available for sale soon.

Recently we came across some evidence that there is a 73 meter yacht under construction in Spain. The yacht should be under construction in a shipyard near Vigo, please contact us if you have more information.

The 90 meter Nero is currently under completion in China, where she was build at Yantai Raffles. Recently she was seen during sea trials, which leads us to believe she could be delivered anytime soon. Please contact us if you have any photos.

After the delivery of Atana a few months ago, it seems that Astilleros Armon is building another yacht. The classic styled yacht is believed to have a length of approximately 30 meters and should be completed next year. Atana is scheduled to make her publish appearance at the Barcelona Yacht Show, where she will be exhibited by Yacht Marine.

Australian based Hanseatic Marine seems to do well, after the delivery of Silver they are currently working on a sister ship, to be called Fangio. Also a 90 meter is currently on the drawing boards.

Moran Yachts keeps breaking records with three more new build contracts; 62m Coco, 73m Hermitage and a 90m. More details will be released in the near future.

Over the last year we have seen an increase in the number of yachts under construction in South America. Argentina based Tarrab yachts is working on 4 yachts in the 30m range. The biggest yacht under construction in Brazil is the 68m contracted by Catarina Yachts. Also Inace and Fittapaldi are building several yachts in Brazil and we are also aware of a 52m yacht under construction in Brazil. In Chile we find the biggest yacht currently under construction in South America, the 75m explorer at Marco Yachts.



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