The Ming Experience Academy at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015

Following the introduction of the highly acclaimed Ming Wireless Steward Call System at the beginning of 2014, Berlin based company Ming has announced that they will be holding hands-on courses on the system at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show. The two courses will enable visitors to fully experience the product, and will be held throughout the day on the last two days of the show.

The Ming Wireless Steward Call System is a wireless system, designed to incorporate everything a steward call system requires on a yacht, all reduced to a single push of a button and therefore eliminating the need for touch panel or on board telephone systems.

Commenting on just some of the Ming’s unique features, including a high level of customisation, Ming states: “Unlike the complicated touch panels and cluttered on-board phones of the past, the Ming perfectly matches the yacht’s interior. Designed, engineered and completely hand-crafted in Germany, the button is made of the finest materials found in the natural world. The hand-polished precious-metal surface is bound in luxurious leather, while the level of precision engineering is equal to that of a Swiss timepiece. The many individualisation possibilities available means there is a Ming to suit every owner’s taste.”

The two courses available to visitors consist of the 20 minute hands-on Ming User Experience Course, which will be followed by a Q&A for owner representatives, project managers, captains and fleet managers, whilst the second course will be a Ming Technical Training Seminar. The Training Seminar will last 40 minutes, and will also be followed by a Q&A for technical managers, integrators, ETOs and chief engineers.

Held at the Yacht Club de Monaco, registration for both courses is now possible through the Ming website.

By Gemma Fottles



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