The Mini B scuba system from Ocean Safety

The award winning Mini B Shallow Water Scuba Systems are now available from Ocean Safety. Designed as a rapid response system, the Mini B is perfect for use at or just below the waterline of any vessel for recreational and commercial applications.

With its compact size similar to a standard rucksack, the Mini B systems are easy to stow, quick to use straight from a locker and ideal for an emergency.

All models of the Mini B are CE approved to EN 1809, incorporate a buoyancy control device and weight pouches, as well as a regulator and an air contents gauge.

The Mini B C-Pro comes in three sizes of air cylinder, 5 litre, 10 litre and 12 litre, with a recommended retail starting price of Β£579 including vat. The Sports Mini B incorporates the same features as the C-Pro, and comes with an additional air supply for a second diver.

Recommended retail price for the Sports version is Β£695 including vat.

All models of the Mini B system can be used at shallow depths without formal training, although there is a range of certification programmes available for users who wish to carry out underwater activities at greater depths.



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